Do you have a darkened?

We don't think of course in our minds. Even if you never know, do you? We mean at home, perhaps on your own soil or in your grandmother's attic chamber. Note-Seniors belong either to the soil or to the cellar, especially if they are harder to move. So at least they don't bother us, young, hopeful, strong and healthy, successful people, aiming for their successes in both career and personal. If they weren't enough to take a citizen before the election, let them at least get us, young underfoot, right? What? That we'll also be seniors someday? Are you serious? Oh. Then we'll have to figure out how to make a tip for those young people who come after us. It would be best if they weren't born at all, did they? So, young people! No sex! And if you can't stand it, it's just gay sex. And if it's just straight, so safe, okay? Let the young people in the future be with us!
But back to that darkening
Against Blackout in the attic, the most effective remedy is the use of various types of roof windows. The windows are not manufactured against blackout in the head.

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