Month: May 2019

Our roof windows outdo the quality of other

Roof windows

Are you the owner of a family house and your dream are the roof windows? Use the product offerings of the Danish VKR holding company A/S, which now also has a representation in the Czech Republic and guarantees the highest quality. We will surely fulfill your expectations.

10 years Warranty

Select the TOSO® roof windows from the current menu at the rest of your home on our website. The Danish VKR holding A/S is a guarantee of the highest quality and an exceptionally long warranty of 10 years.

Do you have a darkened?

We don't think of course in our minds. Even if you never know, do you? We mean at home, perhaps on your own soil or in your grandmother's attic chamber. Note-Seniors belong either to the soil or to the cellar, especially if they are harder to move. So at least they don't bother us, young, hopeful, strong and healthy, successful people, aiming for their successes in both career and personal. If they weren't enough to take a citizen before the election, let them at least get us, young underfoot, right? What? That we'll also be seniors someday? Are you serious? Oh. Then we'll have to figure out how to make a tip for those young people who come after us. It would be best if they weren't born at all, did they? So, young people! No sex! And if you can't stand it, it's just gay sex. And if it's just straight, so safe, okay? Let the young people in the future be with us!
But back to that darkening
Against Blackout in the attic, the most effective remedy is the use of various types of roof windows. The windows are not manufactured against blackout in the head.

PVC windows

You build a new house and want to buy a high-tech and quality window system? You want not only a great price, but also high quality and longevity? Exactly for you there are PVC windows from the company APEK, which is sold on its e-shop Everyone chooses us.
Our windows are using the strictest tests, so we can only offer you the best. Our PVC windows last for a long time and will not be damaged. That's why we have many satisfied customers anywhere in the Czech Republic. In our great offer you will find exactly the right.
Long-term warranty
We provide you with a long warranty of five years on our PVC windows. This can be extended to a really great ten years if you are interested. This is really a very good offer.


Do you need a fast high-quality storage solution for anything? Do you need to store products, materials, files or pallets, for example? The shelves from Proman S. R. O. Are the right solution for you. We offer a comprehensive project for absolutely every space. You will be pleased with us.
We have been producing racks for many years and have gained a firm position on the market. Our products are delivered both throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We have great references and many satisfied customers that you can add. If you do, surely you will not regret it. He's on us.
Warranty and post-warranty service
We provide both warranty and post-warranty service to all our racks. Contact us with any problem and we will solve it quickly and reliably.

Necessity in the room

In any room you should not miss a really good quality and comfortable children's bed. This is an absolute necessity, without which it is simply not possible. With children's beds, your kids will have a lot of joy, so don't hesitate to choose the best ones. We pay attention to top quality and first-class safety, because we know how important it is to keep our offspring in a safe place.
Lots of styles
Our offer is really varied and varied, guaranteed every child will find the best for himself. We have a really great offer, choose the pieces that are really stylish, which will attract you and you are pleased at first sight. You will find countless such with us, so do not hesitate to choose along with your children today. Buying from us will surely be a pleasant matter.

Want to have the perfect fence?

Then you definitely have to choose a good foundation. Surely you will consider a variety of products, while there should surely appear as a basic pattern of a sub-board, which will hold the whole of whatever you give to them. Whether it is ordinary mesh, or perhaps a beautiful wooden structure, or a combination of concrete, which will be poured with something more original. Today you can choose from a combination of stones to solid concrete patterns, in fact, whatever is available. In imagination, there are certainly no limits in this regard. It's perfect for everyone else, so you just have to choose.
Long lasting materials

However, always look at the practicality of the materials, because some of them will have to be overstretched in a year when you do not have them painted enough, often wood problems, which can be an air or begin to peel off the top layer, which then does not look Nice. These are probably better materials from which you can choose, they can even be in color, and you do not have to worry about them, they will last anything and you would be so calmly suited to the façade or anything similar when you want to align them with the elements of the house you already have there.

Let yourself know

With correctly selected advertising gifts, people will remember you, whether you have used your services before, or they will be done. The business card is easy to stray, you can choose from a wide range of catalogue items, which can carry your chosen text or logo. Just give yourself the right way to know and your business can flourish unexpectedly.
Practical to delight
Become our customers, even if you are not doing business, our goods may not be used for advertising at all costs. If you are planning a greater social event, a meeting of graduates, a large family gathering, a great wedding, and from there, the participants will gladly take away in memory of the small things that remind them of pleasant moments. Check out our catalogue, at favorable prices there are nice and practical small things for these purposes.

Chalets and cottages promise great accommodation

Holidays in the Czech Republic offer plenty of possibilities for a pleasant experience of free moments literally all year round. Beautiful nature and a huge number of historical monuments are a great opportunity for various sports and cultural activities. And the chalets and cottages offer the best accommodation.
The chalets and cottages offer you to all interesting areas around the Czech Republic. You can spend your days off comfortably and pleasantly on both the mountains and the water. All the objects are sufficiently well-proven, so they are able to provide quality accommodation and undisturbed holiday on all pages.
Chalets and cottages in the mountains and near the water
For lovers of hiking, relaxing by the water, for fans of active and relaxing holidays are prepared chalets and cottages in the menu, which is wide enough to make the roof above the head according to their wishes found absolutely everyone.

The superiority of optional solutions

Equipping households with furniture in the form of optional solutions is probably the most widespread option. This is due to the still significant spatial constraints of a large part of our households. This does not mean any harm to the intention to equip yourself with quality, purpose and elegance. Just check out the existing options at a good furniture retailer and you'll find that everyone has a chance not only to their liking, but also to the status of their wallet. The same is with the bedrooms. And it doesn't have to mean taking furniture on a debt or installment sale.
Towards the bedrooms
Therefore, let us be full of the bedrooms. In principle, several solutions can be selected when selecting. You can pre-notify on the internet about offers from individual manufacturers and retailers, and then visit their premises with a preliminary idea. Or, everything can be solved over the Internet. Please note, however, that you will never get any pictures of 100, 0% of all the details of the execution, they do not fully mediate the colours or how rigid the grates or mattress beds are. If you visit the seller directly and look at the merchandise, you will get a much better idea.